Being Selfish

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On a different note on today’s blog… i have to say that i come today to just speak about what’s been going on in my life…

for the past two months i’ve moved, relocated from everything and every one on to try and continue something and get some things straight in my life first before i can embark in this greatness called life…

in this relocation a lot of things have happened and a lot of things have been done all in hopes for the best…

just recently my beloved Nana (grandma) has suffered 2 severes strokes and is now still in a very delicate condition and still in the hospital… this is my Nana, my love.. i am so selfish, i NEED her and their children need her too… but i am being more selfish because i don’t want her to leave us yet, i just want her to live for another 5 years, she has to see me get married and create my own life and family and a kid… i know she’s asked me when this will ever happened, and quite frankly i’ve never said a yes or no as to when that will happen… as of now i’m sitting here in her room… trying to wake her up so that we can feed her… and to no avail she doesn’t respond nor wake up……

till then… pray for her and for my family and for me…. i won’t be updating any time soon…


Clearing Up The Air

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About Amber Rose… In my previous post I spoke about Amber Rose and her blonde buzz cut and referred to her as a hoe… As time has passed ice seen the changesthat Amber has made and I can say that I genuinely can appreciate all that she’s done, which is make a name of herself BY HERSELF (true with help of ‘Ye but she’s making her own now)…

As time has passed I’ve liked up at her and her fashion sense and steez and i’m not gon front an say that she’s jockin the girl has it made he’s modeling doing print work and much more as well as giving back… So, Amber, if one day you’re to read this, my respects to you… Keep giving us great fashion ideas and keep stunnin’ on all of us as well… I am one to follow your trends (SOME -can’t bring my self o shave my head but I got it pretty short… Shorter than before) and keep me looking you up to see what fierce shoes you got on and shades as well as your bad ass self over all…

Sorry Guys!!!!

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The move has gon a lil hay wired and my innanet is just crazy and acting up.. So as soon as I change providers I’ll be up and running again!!! I have sooooo many awesome things to post for you guys and yall gon go bananas!!!

Love you all!!!



Dolce & Gabbana

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Dior? Where Art Thou?

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Oh… here you are… and here are my creations

dior caragena sandals


dior caragena sandals 2


dior persia ankle boots

dior persia ankle boots 2

Oh… Dior… J’taime

I Want These Shoes!!!

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They are called the Diane ankle wrap heels…

DIane ankle wrap heel

 they also have them in brown and you might have seen them on Amber Rose with Kanye a few days back… check it out… i want them!!!


they are hot, and the way she worked them, the whole outfit, is just great! totally something i’ve already worn and rocked… i am becoming an even more fearless bish and people are taking notice… so brace yourself!


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I see you…. and you see me…. so tell me what time is it then!?

Its time for some Crispin Jones then…

cyclops watch crispin jones